Мастерство подбора персонала и искусство управления им - ключ к успеху нашей компании

Qualification & Experience  Requirements:

Level 1

·         6-8 years of experience in Talent Management and business client engagement, including 3 years in HR Leading role

·         Professional degree;

·         Skilled in Nationalization and Succession Planning

·         Skilled in translating and completion of Talent strategies and requirements into Policies and Procedures

·         Experienced in analysing and solving problems on all organizational levels

·         Experienced to work across multiple stakeholder groups/cultures and build/sustain credibility .

·         Experience to operate in a very demanding operational environment where (s)he will be required to operate many projects and tasks at the same time.

Required Competences:

Level 1

·         Mastery in Talent and Skill Pool Management

·         Skill in Intervention and Facilitation

·         Skill in Business Partnering & HR Strategy

·         Mastery in Leveraging Diversity

·         Skill in Change Management

·         Skill in HR Information Systems

·         Ability to build relationship with customers/stakeholders for bringing values to the Company

·         Analytical & Problem Solving Skills

·         Excellent time management Skills

·         Resilience & personal effectiveness under the work in pressure

Working Conditions:

·         Atyrau; 5/2

·         Standard labour conditions

·         Occasional travel to non-Atyrau onshore locations