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ТОО «Kaz Project Operating LLP» постоянно стремится предоставлять вам вакансии, соответствующие вашему опыту, навыкам, личностным качествам и карьерным устремлениям.

Наше преимущество - наше сотрудничество с многочисленными казахстанскими и международными компаниями во всех отраслях промышленности.

Job Accountabilities: ·         Developing and settling the organizational and financial aspects of the newly created Kalamkas-Kazar Joint Venture (KKJV) including the contractual and financial specificities of each particular entity: Kalamkas, Kazar and Share Facilities. ·         Ensuring the preparation of all necessary financial statements of KKJV in compliance with GAAP, IFRS, JOA, and PSA requirements for cost recoverability, in line, with the NCOC Corporate policies. ·         Maintaining the Petroleum Operations Account for KKJV in accordance with the NCOC PSA. ·         Setting accounting and financial reporting policies for KKJV. ·         Representing KKJV in all Partners Committees where Finance or Organization is needed. ·         Coordinating the Annual Work Program & Budget process and consolidating the budget data at KKJV level in full compliance with Company AWP&B. ·         Developing tax strategy and ensuring that tax activities are accurately and timely performed by KKJV and ensure full alignment in term of interactions between NCOC and CMOC. ·         Developing treasury policies and ensuring that treasury activity is accurately and timely performed for KKJV. ·         Ensuring the appropriate cash calls to Company and CMOC Shareholders according to the interests in each entity to fund KKJV and ensuring the joint interest billing system. ·         Developing and approving the insurance strategy and programs according to the Company PSA, regulations, and industry best practices. ·         Interfacing with all Authorities for all financial matters. ·         Developing and maintaining KKJV financial systems and records of accounts. ·         Communicating the rules associated with Cost Recovery within the NCSPSA. ·         Providing a solid control framework for KKJV and ensuring compliance therewith by undertaking regular assessments of overall risks and ensuring appropriate controls are in place to manage those risks. ·         Directing, developing and controlling the activities of Contracts and Procurement of the Venture in full alignment with Company Tender Procedure. ·         Putting in place the Cost Recovery process. ·         Ensuring the allocations of costs of KKJV between the 3 different entities: Kalamkas, Kazar and Share Facilities. ·         Organize the split of Company activities (time writing system) to provide KKJV with the necessary resources to run KKJV. Qualification Requirements: ·         Relevant University degree. ·           Required international relevant financial experience, or MBA. ·         Minimum of 15 years of working experience in Finance with at least 10 years of relevant working experience in the oil and gas industry. ·         Previous responsibilities in the fields of accounting, budgeting, treasury, tax and contracting in a complex organization. ·         Previous role in JV organization in a context of complex JV. Atyrau 5/2 cv send Этот адрес электронной почты защищён от спам-ботов. У вас должен быть включен JavaScript для просмотра.
Job Accountabilities: o   Control & Automation Systems o   Process Control and Process Safeguarding o   Modeling & Optimization o   Upstream Specialty Controls Process Control Domain Security. ·       TA2 responsibilities include: o   Approves the list of Codes & Standards to be used for their discipline in Company o   Makes decision or clarifies the interpretation of Codes & Standards during application o   Approves the list of business critical deliverables for their discipline o   Ensures that, within their areas of authority, Company complies with the approved Codes & Standards through periodic formal/informal reviews of deliverables o   Reviews and provides recommendations on deviation requests from the approved Codes & Standards (TA’s do not have authority to approve deviations from RoK standards; rather TA1’s will lead effort in creating waiver requests from RoK requirements in accordance with MoC Procedure) o   Reviews and provides recommendation for the adoption of new or as yet unproven technologies for their discipline (not previously used in Company ) o   Act as Discipline Engineer TA for Facility Status Reporting (FSR) for both deviations and MOC. o   Participates in RoK Technical Committees and in draft review/comment of RoK standards o   Participates in technical and compliance verification exercises o   Participates in the creation/updating of Company Engineering Standards ·       Leads or participates in critical HSSE reviews including HAZOP, Cumulative Risk Assessments, SIL Assessment ·       Champions design integrity for the discipline ·       Supports and maintains Company PACO standards, work processes, systems and tools, including IT Engineering applications for the discipline ·       Is accountable for exercising appropriate discipline controls for NCOC projects throughout the ORP phases (Identify, Assess, Select, Define, Execute) ·       Delivers PACO related modifications and/or PACO scope on projects safely, on time, and in a cost effective manner ·       Continually seeks to improve ways of working to improve performance and to improve value delivery to projects ·       Ensures high quality critical as-built documents and drawings related to their discipline for Company assets and for all projects ·       Endorses vendor/supplier/contractor pre-qualification for PACO services and equipment ·       Responsible for an Obsolescence Plan for Company process control related equipment ·       Provides innovative solutions for complex problems using, at time, incomplete information. Qualification & Experience Requirements: ·       Bachelor in Engineering degree and 8-10 years relevant engineering, maintenance and/or operations experience ·       Design, operating principles, and specifications of control and automation equipment ·       C&A equipment installation, adjustment, modification, maintenance and repair methods ·       Significant field experience gathered from any of the following are required: o   PACO vendors or contractors o   Process industry §  Oil & gas facilities (Upstream) §  Refinery  (Downstream) §  Chemical and Petrochemical Plants ·       Good knowledge of International engineering standards, best practices, and systems ·       Aware of & familiar with issues surrounding high pressure and high H2S facilities, and have managed staff in a similarly challenging high-risk environment ·       Experience in driving business improvement in engineering, key words being: technology, fit-for-purpose solutions and cost effectiveness ·       Experience in staff development, training, coaching or mentoring ·       Excellent interpersonal and networking skills ·       Experience in leading teams of engineers. Atyrau 5/2 CV send Этот адрес электронной почты защищён от спам-ботов. У вас должен быть включен JavaScript для просмотра.
Job Accountabilities: ·         Operate units in accordance with operating procedures, manuals, reglament’s. ·         Verify that operation and maintenance activities are being carried out and comply with appropriate work and safety procedures. ·         Responding to operation upsets and unit emergencies and acting accordingly. ·         Required to handle, store and utilize chemicals, and is fully aware of the MSDS data sheets for said chemicals. ·         Verifying that all the activities are carried out accordingly to the PTW Procedure. ·         Apply operation procedures at high risk jobs and abnormal situations. ·         Knowledge and proven skills of production operations across Gas Plant Units and associated systems. ·         Checking routinely for leakages from flanges/piping, instrumentation, machinery and equipment identifying and reporting to Gas Plant Senior Operator/Supervisor. ·         Working closely with Senior Operator, Plant Supervisor (Gas) and CCR personnel to ensure plant production is maintained in a controlled and safe manner ·         Conducting checks/surveys in the Gas Plant Units according to established frequency or when necessary, identifying and reporting possible anomalies. ·         Maintain and ensure compliance in RoK certification required to operate Gas Treatment, Gas Sweetening, Flare Systems and Slag Catcher, Sales Gas Compression Units. ·         Co-ordinating with relevant department’s campaign maintenance activities, rotating equipments inspection, vessels inspection. ·         Compiling and completing the relevant reports of activities e.g. shift logbook and ensuring that all relevant documentation is completed accurately and on time. ·         Assisting in the maintenance activities in critical areas requiring hot works, confined spaces, moving / loading equipment. Drive the vehicle and assure that the vehicle is fit for purpose inside of OPF area. Qualification & Experience Requirements: ·         Appropriate education from a certified Technical School, College or University or other appropriate life Skills to offset Education requirements. ·         Knowledge / experience in Gas Plant Units and the relevant distribution system (i.e. Gas Treatment, Gas Sweetening, Flare Systems and Slug Catcher, Sales Gas Compression Units, all Utility systems, Open/Closed Drain Systems, Firewater and Fire Fighting Systems, Chemical injection systems). ·         RoK Certification for pressure vessels, gas facilities and lifting equipment ·         Medical Certificate of Fitness. Atyrau EW 14/14 SV Send Этот адрес электронной почты защищён от спам-ботов. У вас должен быть включен JavaScript для просмотра.
Job Accountabilities: •         Ensuring that robust Risk Management procedures are applied in compliance with the Company Operational Risk Management framework. •         Act as the ORM Focal Point across all Directorates of Company Support ORM status reporting at OIC. •         Develop and maintain the Company Process Safety framework and associated capability in POD Operations teams •         Support Operations and Maintenance teams in driving Process Safety Culture, Behaviours and Performance •         Drive focused and integral approach on improving controls aiming at prevention of Process Safety incidents  - including Design/Construction Integrity, Technical Integrity, Operating Integrity and Process Safety Leadership •         Provide assurance and support of effective implementation of Process Safety Controls in POD and Drilling. ·         Ensure aligned and integrated approach to Operational Risk Management process implementation and Major Incident Hazards barriers health verification in POD and Drilling across all involved stakeholders (Operations, Maintenance and TAR, Ops Technical, Logistics, Wells and Well Interventions) •         Supports Process Safety Governance, the Process Safety Steering Committee, in driving Process Safety culture, behaviors and performance and demonstrate that associated risks are managed. •         Reinforce Technical Integrity Performance Standards. •         Develop and maintain the POD Operations Integrity Strategies, Standards, Plans and Procedures. •         Set Process Safety Key Performance Indicators, monitor and analyse the performance data and reporting and communicate key messages to the Production Operations leadership Team. •         Keep abreast of developments in legislation and the industry, and analyse the implications of these to ensure Operations remain compliant and at the forefront of new developments. Strengthening Operational Critical Procedures implementation: Alarm Handling, Override Procedures, Blow Down. •         Provide input for the Emergency Response Strategies, Plans and Contingency Measures as required to control and mitigate •         Support and challenge the Operations in HSSE Process Safety Hazards risk assessments, effective implementation of associated risk controls, and conducting self-assurance. •         Support Process Safety Competence Assessment and Assurance •         Support Operational Risk Management in the development and implementation of self-assurance of effective implementation of Operations risk controls. •         Ensure that performance Standards of Safety Critical Equipment are effectively defined and  implemented •         Reviewing the status of Safety Critical Equipment and identify areas for improvement. •         Participate in Tier 1 and Tier 2 Process Safety Incidents Investigation (if) •         Ensure PSE incidents are properly investigated, analyzed and reported ensuring that effective measures including lessons learned are addressing the root causes and are implemented to prevent recurrence •         Facilitate and Participate in HSSE Process Safety Risk Identifications and Mitigation activities •         Identifying HSSE Process Safety Risks during inspection and fields reviews. •         Conduct PSFO and raise awareness and improvement measures. •         Participate in HBAs. •         Carry out site visits and leadership tours and hold meetings with the site management to support Operations in maintaining and executing risk controls and developing a robust Process Safety and integrity culture. •         Advising the Operations management on the correct technical interpretation of various Asset Integrity Risk studies. •         Champions Process Safety Fundamentals. The job holder must have: ·          University Engineering BS/MS Degree in a technical subject ·          Technically strong in own disciple as demonstrated in the Job Competence Profile (JCP) ·          At least 6-8 years’ experience in the Oil and Gas Business in Technical, Operational and/or Integrity roles ·          Deep understanding of Asset management and Asset Integrity and relevant technical disciplines ·          Knowledge of best operational practices and a track record in applying these. ·          Proven ability to lead and inspire diverse multi-cultural communities. ·          Strong influencing skills and the ability to forge relationships at all levels of the organization. Experience in leading and implementing significant change, including stakeholder management. Atyrau 5/2 cv send Этот адрес электронной почты защищён от спам-ботов. У вас должен быть включен JavaScript для просмотра.
Job Accountabilities: ·         Provide ethics & compliance advice and support in a pro-active, timely, cost-effective and professional manner; ·         Support the establishment and implementation of NCOC’s compliance programme in consultation with the Managing Counsel, Ethics & Compliance; ·         Provide advice on compliance related issues to NCOC’s business, functional Directorates and staff based on NCOC’s General Business Principles, Code of Conduct, Anti-Bribery and Corruption Manual and other Compliance Guidance documentation and based on relevant RoK and other applicable compliance laws; ·         Provide compliance training to staff; ·         Develop, plan and implement compliance related initiatives, projects and campaigns to increase staff’s awareness of NCOC’s ethics and compliance requirements; ·         Prepare communications and presentation material in support of the activities of the Ethics & Compliance Department; ·         Help ensure that ethics & compliance considerations and risks identified by the Department are taken into account in the relevant business activities of NCOC; ·         Perform compliance assessments and produce reports on the compliance risks identified; ·         Train, mentor and develop staff who are involved in carrying out compliance assessments; ·         Evaluate internal controls which relate to ethics and compliance risks and recommend mitigation actions for any weaknesses identified; ·         Support ethics & compliance litigation and other legal action to protect, defend and preserve the reputation and assets of NCOC; ·         Assist in reviewing compliance violations as may be requested by the Managing Counsel Ethics & Compliance; ·         Monitor  relevant  ethics  &  compliance  developments  and  communicate  these  to  the  business  and  functional Directorates; ·         Represent NCOC in meetings and negotiations with the Authority, other RoK governmental bodies and other third parties; ·         Liaise with shareholders’ lawyers on relevant legal issues with oversight of the Managing Counsel Ethics & Compliance or the Legal Director; ·         Refer matters to and work with external counsel and notaries in consultation with the Managing Counsel Ethics & Compliance; ·         Perform such other duties and tasks as may be assigned by the Managing Counsel Ethics & Compliance or the Legal Director; ·         Work under limited supervision and make independent decisions relating to an area of responsibility; ·         Identify opportunities to improve the effectiveness of business processes which relate to ethics and compliance risks; ·         Contribute knowledge from multiple sources to develop solutions to problems and issues. Level II: ·         Under supervision, performs work that is varied and that may be somewhat difficult in character, but usually involves limited responsibilities. ·         Some evaluation, originality or ingenuity is required. Qualification & Experience Requirements: ·         University degree preferably in law, but a strong candidate with a degree in finance or accounting will also be considered; ·         Minimum of 4  years of relevant experience; ·         Good level of compliance related knowledge; ·         Knowledge of, and ability to articulate and apply ethics & compliance principles and concepts when performing work activities; ·         Knowledge of various research sources, including electronic ones, and ability to conduct research and analyze information on a wide range of ethics & compliance issues; ·         Ability to interpret and apply ethics & compliance instruments, develop and present results, recommendations, and opinions clearly and concisely; Atyrau, 5/2 Cv sen Этот адрес электронной почты защищён от спам-ботов. У вас должен быть включен JavaScript для просмотра.