Мастерство подбора персонала и искусство управления им - ключ к успеху нашей компании

Job Accountabilities:

  • On behalf of Client implement engineering supervision over Civil work and Structure  work and acceptance of completed projects from contactors.
  • Control work planning of capital construction progress, compliance with work scope, terms and quality of Civil work and Structure l work, and also quality of used materials, tools, structures approved by project documentation, drawings,   construction standards and codes, technical specifications, safety rules.
  • Participate in solving issues related to engineering changes into projects due to implementation of more progressive technologies, structural-spacial concept ensuring cost reduction and enhancement of performance rates of construction and reconstruction projects.
  • Participate in reviewing and coordinating engineering changes arising in course of construction, efficient solving issues on replacement of materials, tools, structures, if required (without quality lack in construction projects
  • Study reasons leading to terms disruption and poor quality of mechanical work, take measures to prevent and eliminate them.
  • Carry out technical acceptance of completed Civil work and Structure  work and facilities, prepare engineering documentation required.
  • Participate in acceptance commissions for construction projects and their handover to operation.
  • Control quality of elimination by construction companies of outstanding issues, defects within the period established by the commission. 
  • Maintain records of completed mechanical work and prepare data required for reporting capital construction plans.
  • Co-ordinate specialists and inspectors in order to make them effectively perform their duties and in a timely manner and carry out effective work organisation. 
  • Ensure HSE method statement and risk assessment is fully understood by all personnel involved in activities
  • Regular Work Permit validation Checks

Required Competences:

  • Decrees, resolutions, orders, technical procedures related to Civil work and Structure work
  • Prospects for technical development of the venture
  • Technical characteristics and work schedules
  • Standards, technical specifications of construction materials, tools, structures
  • Civil work and Structure Construction codes and rules
  • Fundamentals of Civil work and Structure work techniques
  • Procedure of acceptance of completed projects and methods of their quality control
  • Procedure of project and other engineering documentation preparation
  • Advanced national and foreign experience in performing mechanical work
  • New construction material, tools, structures
  • Labour Management, Production and Administration Fundamentals
  • Fundamentals of Environment Protection Legislation
  • Labour Legislation Fundamentals
  • Labour protection standards and rules
  • Capacity of working in a team communicating with all sections within Quality Control department.




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