Мастерство подбора персонала и искусство управления им - ключ к успеху нашей компании


 University degree in discipline relevant to the area of responsibility.
 6-8 years of work experience. Sufficient knowledge in specialized fields built on an understanding of theoretical concepts and principles. Ability to explain and apply the theory. Skilled in practical matters who is master of the “know-how” due to his specialist experience. Has an expertise or specialty in some or all aspects of the quality field.
Required Competences:
 Good communications skills and ability to work effectively within a diverse community.
 Ability to analyze and interpret various set of data related to the activities of a major oil and Gas Company.
 Confidence and ability to prioritize and perform complex tasks.
 Good organization and coordination skills.
 Ability to work smoothly within a team.
 Fluency in written and spoken English. Ability to write reports, business correspondence. Ability to effectively present information and respond to questions from groups of stakeholders, managers and project specialists.
 Competence with computer based tools including MS Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.).
Working Conditions:
Work pattern according in compliance with the existing additional agreement which is an integral part of Employment agreement . Assessment of hazards associated with a task (i.e. how severe potential health impacts might be, the likelihood of these occurring and the control measures required to make the work site as safe as reasonably practicable) is conducted by several processes: such as Health Risk Assessment, Workplace Attestation, and Industrial control. HSSE department is nominated as process owner for implementation and communication to personnel.


 Provide professional and policy advice within an area of PSA/JOA operations.
 Act as a coordinator for a single point of entry and exit for all official communication to the Authority and Contracting Companies.
 Give priority activities to Contracting Companies /JOA communications and proactive Contracting Companies initiatives to improve communications.
PSA & JOA Communications:
 Manage daily communication with the top management of Company (review / approval of drafts, responses to requests) and Authority (responses to requests) / Contracting Companies (responses to requests, approvals of ShaCom submissions).
 Conduct appropriate receipt, internal assignment, and appropriate response to all incoming Delivery Based Communication (DBC). Execute and supervise follow up of pending DBC in order to maintain established deadlines.
 Process ShaCom approval of Contracts, Technical Papers, and other submissions by coordinating and facilitating applicable communication. As part of PSA & JOA team, facilitate promoting and maintaining confident climate, effective communication, and relationship with Contracting Companies and the Authority by effectively managing the workflow of all official incoming and outgoing information. Develop objectives for short-term tasks and participate in strategic planning for long-term initiatives. Be prepared to substitute for other PSA & JOA team member in the area of similar responsibilities when required.


Atyrau, 5/2.

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