Мастерство подбора персонала и искусство управления им - ключ к успеху нашей компании

Qualification & Experience  Requirements:

·         Business, economics, Finance or technical degree ;

·         5 years of experience in Economics and Finance a major oil & gas development project.

Required Competences:

·         Knowledge of  cost breakdowns and cost/value drivers (both during operations & construction) in the upstream oil and gas industry;

·         Expert in  valuation techniques such as DCF (Discounted Cash Flows), IRR (Internal Rate of Return), EVA (Economic Value Added) and interpret results;

·         Knowledge  and application of  external economic drivers such as inflation, GDP, money supply, etc. to economic evaluations;

·         Keen eye for developments in the external environment related to oil and gas;

·         Excellent skills in Excel and power point;

·         Able to concisely and effectively communicate ideas to senior management with regard to economic evaluations.

Working Conditions:

Atyrau; 5/2