Мастерство подбора персонала и искусство управления им - ключ к успеху нашей компании

Qualification & Experience  Requirements:

·         Bachelor degree in Geodesy &Cartography, or relative disciplines such as Geology & Geophysics  and other Earth Sciences

·         Up to one year Engineering and Civil Construction skills

·         A candidate should have a good understanding of digital mapping systems, remote sensing, Ice & Metocean

·         Knowledge with land and geodetic survey equipment and techniques


·         Some experience Onshore Geodetic and GPS survey experience

·         Some experience Oceanographic equipment and deployment

·         Some experience geotechnical investigation

·         Some basic skills on digital mapping

Required Competences:

·         Ability to work within a multicultural environment.

·         High end ICT knowledge and awareness of relevant current, emerging and next generation technologies

·         Good commercial awareness skills

·         HSSE commitment including safe systems of work / personal safety/ergonomics within office environment.

·         Good interpersonal skills and business communication skills.

·         Good organizational and prioritization skills.

·         Able to communicate in English and Kazakh / Russian in a business environment

Working Conditions:

The job will be based in Company office in Atyrau, Kazakhstan on working schedule 5/2 days and non standard work hours will be required occasionally. Highly international and intercultural environment.