Мастерство подбора персонала и искусство управления им - ключ к успеху нашей компании

Job Accountabilities:

  • Emergency response at the territory of Eskene West.
  • Direct supervision of fire-fighting activities and involved personnel based on the principle of unity of command.
  • Assessment and segregation of initial information.
  • Supervision of fire-fighting brigade at a scene and arrangement of fire-fighting and rescue activities.
  • Supervision of arrangement and conduct of the tactical, psychological and operational improvement trainings of duty personnel of company Fire and Rescue Team at Eskene West.
  • Development of procedures for theoretical, practical drills and exercises with the duty personnel, including the use of respiratory protective equipment, as well as arrangement and conduct of maintenance of fire-fighting vehicles, fire-fighting equipment and emergency and rescue equipment.
  • Planning of fire-fighting activities, including evaluation of required manpower and resources.
  • Provision of manpower and resources management, determinating and communicating to them the tasks on response to and containment of fires, accidents, natural disasters and other emergencies.
  • Development of independent decision-making skill in the management of the team, as well as the personnel of the duty shift within job description’s responsibilities.

Required Competences:

  • Degree in fire-fighting engineering or fire protection (Technical College) and 5 years of experience;
  • At least 5 years of relevant experience in training on a technical supervision position in a fire service with the RoK state registration or similar;
  • Completion of the RoK industrial safety knowledge assessment (knowledge assessment of industrial safety basics) within one month from the appointment to this position;
  • Experience of working in sour environment;
  • Communication and presentation skills in Russian and/or Kazakh (both written and verbal);
  • Skill and ability to work as a team member as well as a team leader;
  • Auditing experience and incident investigation skills;
  • Understanding of control and management principles as well as other accident management principles and their implementation;
  • Experience in fire safety and emergency response training;
  • Computer literate (Microsoft applications): Word, Access, Power Point and Excel;
  • Self-motivation and to be able to work with minimum supervision.


Западный Ескене, Атырау


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